THE DHI PACK - 2390 €

  • Blood test
  • Pre-op consultation
  • Private transport and all the transfers
  • 2 night in a 4* hotel with breakfast
  • DHI hair transplant
  • Post-op consultation
  • First aids
  • PRP treatment
  • English translator

What exactly is the DHI technique?

The DHI technique or direct hair implantation, is one of the most modern techniques that consists in directly implanting the follicle extracted from the donor zone one by one in the transplant zone.

Natural result and strong follicles:

When the follicle is placed in the recipient area, the necessary angle, direction and depth must be taken into account. The precision of this technique makes the results obtained incredibly natural. By removing the follicle and inserting it directly into the scalp, it makes the graft less time out and the transplanted hair is healthier and stronger.


  • The incision diameter is smaller
  • When placing the graft a better angle is achieved
  • The follicles are more resistant
  • You get a higher density
  • Healing time is shorter