Approved medical treatments for hair loss

Which medications should I use for my hair loss ?


First of all it should be noted that Minoxidil (local use) and Finasteride (oral use) are the only medical treatments that are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the EMA (European Medicines Agency), to combat hair loss.


It is one of the medicines approved by the US government agency in charge of regulating everything related to the sanitary field (the FDA or Food and Drug Administration). It is also approved by the European agency EMA (European Medicines Agency).


It belongs to a class of medication called 5-alpha-Reductase inhibitors, which, in higher doses, block the production of a hormone that causes the prostate to increase in size.

In smaller doses, their tablets are prescribed to swell existing hair and slow down its fall. Only men can take them.

It is approved by both the FDA and the EMA.

Usage Mode:


You can use Finasteride 1mg / day and also Minoxidil 5% with 2 daily applications. They are used separately or together to increase the results.

They can not use Finasteride.

You can use Minoxidil with 2 applications per day. You can start by using the 5% solution and if any unwanted effects appear, try the 2% solution.

Other medications:

There are no scientific studies that demonstrate its effectiveness.

  • Bioxidil
  • Epilobio
  • Grape Seed Extract (Grape Seed Extract)
  • Serenoa Repens – Saw Palmetto
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Beer yeast
  • Green Tea