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2990 €
  • FUE Sapphire Hair transplant
  • Up to 1500 grafts
  • Blood test - Spain
  • 1 Mesotherapy
  • Hair Wash in clinic
  • Post operative
  • Follow up
  • Hair wash KIT


2990 €
  • FUE Sapphire Hair transplant
  • Maximum number of grafts
  • 3 sessions of Mesotherapy
  • 3 sessions of hair stimulation
  • Blood test - Spain
  • Hair Wash in clinic
  • Post operative
  • Follow up
  • Premium Hair wash KIT


3590 €
  • FUE Sapphire Hair transplant
  • Maximum number of grafts
  • Blood test - Spain
  • 1 Mesoteraphy
  • Hair Wash in clinic
  • Post operative
  • Follow up
  • Hair wash KIT

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    What You Should Know About Hair Transplant

    Hair transplant is acclaimed to have started amongst the Japanese in the 1930s, however, it did not see much development until Western medical experts began to look further into the concept.

    Although it started as every new initiative would, it has seen an appreciable level of improvement over time.

    Doctors have become far better at implementing the procedure, and no matter what continent you find yourself in, you are likely to discover a suitable clinic within the region.

    Also, technologies have been adopted to expand the range of possibilities in a transplant. In terms of success rates with patients, many have a lot to show for it, including some very popular celebrities.

    Hair transplant basically involves a transfer of hair follicles from a region of the head known as a ‘donor’ area to some other part of the head known as the ‘recipient’ area. The donor area in question is typically the lower section of your head.

    This part of the head is chosen because of the comparative hair density in the area. It is considered to be less prone to balding than other parts of the head. The concentration of hair is thicker. This is why in many cases of balding or hair loss, you will find that the hair in that area tends to outlast the rest.

    However, it does not always have to be from there alone; hair follicles can also be taken from other parts of the body and transferred to the balding of the scalp.

    Hair transplantation is a reliable method of restoring lost hair to affected locations on the head. Hair loss can result from a condition called alopecia, which is common among the male folk.

    Among females too, hair loss is an existing problem. The difference here is, males tend to suffer hair loss than females. Beyond the health condition, though, a hair transplant can become necessary when the patient has suffered an accident that caused the loss in the first place.

    It could be needed when the patient has also undergone a surgery where hair was removed. Thus, the transplant can be used to attend to a variety of hair issues.

    The procedure is one with very minimal risks, and when weighed against its immense benefits, it demands negligible sacrifice from the patient. If you are deeply worried about this, it is natural, and you should ask your surgeon to explain the negatives before you dive into it.

    Benefits of a Hair Transplant

    Hair is actually one of the most distinct features of the human body. It is one way by which we can make a fast impression on another person and attract people to ourselves.

    Not only that, but it can also aid career growth, especially when the person is in a field that requires such. In medical terms, hair loss can be due to old age during which the hair veins fall out. The following are some of the benefits of getting a hair transplant.


    Transplant aids in controlling the way you look. Although a person may occasionally suffer conditions out of his means, a transplant is a fast way to reverse the situation.

    When you get a hair transplant somewhere like Madrid, you offer yourself the chance to remake your facial appearance. It gives a person an added dose of confidence, and even at an age where the hair is no longer common, you still get to have it.


    It is quite easy to procure for yourself some hair restoration agents at cosmetic stores. These are a fast way to get things done, but they do not always work. Resorting to one conducted by specialists significantly increases the chances of success. Moreso, there is the assurance that the regrowth of your hair is in good hands.

    What You Should Do Before You Get A Hair Transplant

    Before getting a transplant at any clinic of your choice, here are a few things we advise that you should consider.

    The Practitioner

    In order to get the best results from your surgery, you need to understand the people who are conducting it. These are specialists who possess high degrees of expertise in what they do. However, you should do a bit of research on the person who might undertake your procedure.

    While doing this, ensure that you have a broad list of options. With a few taps on your keyboard, you can easily check the profiles of specialist doctors in Madrid on the internet. There are websites that contain reviews of the doctor. They often detail how satisfactory or otherwise the work was. This background check will also enable you to decide based on costs or price demanded by your doctor.

    Surgery Requirements

    For you to avoid unpleasant results from your surgery, you should also be careful to look for some requirements. Typically, these would be centered on diet or consumption of foods before the surgery. You would be asked to avoid eating or drinking before the procedure.

    You would also be mandated to avoid engaging in certain activities after the surgery. The purpose of all these is to maximize the output of work done during the process. This information will be given to you by the doctor and is advised to be followed strictly.


    Each clinic has a standard of attending to its patients. These standards may or may not suit your tastes. As you scout for the best place to get your hair regrown, do not forget to investigate the clinic. This will help you decide whether you really want to do it there or not. It will also determine how convenient it is for you.


    Hair transplant consumes their fair share of finances. When going for one, it is recommended that you take a long look at your budget. This in itself is the underlying factor that will determine what clinic you choose to the doctor you decide to settle for. As they all designed their services in different ways, they also set their bills with different figures.

    As you consider these things, you must also be aware that a hair transplant is not always a magic wand. Having it done does not imply that your hair will be immune from the regular fails.

    Because the transplant has been done with natural hair from another region, it means that the transferred hair will also suffer thinning and everything else that would normally happen. The hair is absolutely natural and faces natural decline as such.

    Methods of Hair Transplant

    The methods of hair transplant are popularly divided into two. Although they are different in terms of approach, both subsequently follow the same method and achieve the same results. Either one can be taken depending on the personal preference of the patient.

    Follicular Unit Extraction: Also known as FUE, this method is now known as the most popular technique for a transplant today. Among many people, it has been singled out as an option. This is because of the adaptability of its results to individual tastes. For people who prefer short hair especially, this is an advisable technique to go for.

    In conducting it, the surgeons remove hair follicles in individual strands from the donor area and place them in the balding region. The scalpel initiates the process, and the follicles are planted into the scalp in the receiving spot. Several tiny holes are made in the head during this procedure. Later on, the transplanted hair will grow normally.

    Follicular Unit Transplant: What stands this procedure out is the bulk-rather-than-piece approach it uses in transferring hair. Follicles are grafted en masse from one spot of the head to another spot. The downside of this process is that it leaves a more prominent scar than the former. This method can be adopted if the patient keeps considerable hair under which the scars can be hidden.

    Typically, a hair transplant will take between five to eight hours. The patient gets to return home the same day of the surgery. Bandages will be used to temporarily secure the operated spots, and medications will be recommended.

    Additionally, normal hair growth begins after several months, during which consistent contact with the doctor is advised.

    Final Thoughts

    Full awareness of choices regarding a transplant is required before a person chooses to undertake it. As you take the step of restoring your hair, it is wise that you do appropriate consultation with your practitioner.

    During these talks, you can inform them of your preferences. This bit is important because lifestyle can largely contribute to hair restoration preferences. Equally, seeking others’ opinions who have done it before will go a long way in helping out.