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Capilclinic offer a quality hair service in our new London clinic

– 1 face to face consultation
Unlimited number of grafts
1 PRP treatment
– 1 Hair wash clinic
– 1 Hair wash kit
– Post-op clinic Follow up



Each case is treated in a personalized way before carrying out any treatment. Thanks to the experience of our medical team and the techniques used, we can always offer the best results for our patients.


Hair transplant packs in London

Hair transplantation in London

Pack S

£ 3500
  • Free face to face consultation
  • Sapphire blade hair transplant
  • 1 PRP session
  • Up to 1500 grafts
  • Hair wash Kit and medication
  • Unlimited follow up

Pack MAX

£ 4500
  • Pre-operative consultation
  • Sapphire blade hair transplant
  • 1 PRP session
  • Unlimlited drafts
  • Hair wash Kit and medication
  • Unlimited follow up

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    Dr. Onay envisions a future where “healthcare is more accessible to all,”and  “scientific knowledge leads to positive change,”.

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    Result after before Capilclinic London
    Result after before Capilclinic London
    Result after before Capilclinic London
    Result after before Capilclinic London
    Result after before Capilclinic London
    Result after before Capilclinic London
    Result after before Capilclinic London

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    Modern medical center and advanced technology

    Capilclinic clinic hair transplant london
    Capilclinic clinic hair transplant london
    Capilclinic clinic hair transplant london

    Baldness is a problem that affects almost half of the English. It may be due to family history with baldness, hormonal imbalances, poor diet, the intake of certain medications, as a result of a treatment or any type of alopecia, the truth is that it has direct consequences on the self-esteem and well-being of those who suffer from it, which is why a very high percentage of them seek help to stop its advancement.

    So much so that, only in our country, there are more than 10,000 people who, tired of seeing how they lose hair progressively, decide to undergo some strengthening, regeneration or surgical intervention to recover lost hair and show the appearance they have been seeing as it deteriorated since hair fall began.

    And, unlike what happened a little over a decade ago, when treatments to curb hair loss were difficult, expensive, painful and with results not as accurate as the medical community and patients would have wished, now thanks to the advance of science and public and private investment that has come hand in hand with a considerable increase in demand, it is possible to completely repopulate the scalp without pain, in a few hours and at very economical prices available to almost everyone.

    However, not all clinics are able to guarantee a success rate of almost 100%. A good example of this are the so-called low cost clinics, whose striking and impossible prices should make anyone suspect that choosing the cheapest option may end up being the worst decision and, paradoxically, the most expensive.

    That is why all medical associations recommend to inform yourself well about the center in which you intend to undergo a hair transplant operation, make sure that the clinic is at the height of a first level surgical center and that the professionals who will attend you, especially the surgeon, are registred to the medical board and have a proven experience in handling the latest hair grafting techniques.

    Luckily, in the United Kingdom, the second country with the highest number of bald people in the world after the Czech Republic, we have very good clinics that meet all the requirements mentioned in the previous paragraph. You can see it especially in London, where most of the centers specializing in hair graftings across the country are placed.

    Although it is true that in many cases these offer solutions at much higher prices than can be charged in Turkey, known as a mecca for hair grafting, it is equally true that in recent years prices have been reducing as a consequence of an increased competition among centers specializing in hair health, reducing in turn the price gap for intervention with the Ottoman country.

    We are going to see some examples of Madrid clinics specialized in hair transplantation that, due to the quality of their centers, their medical staff, the care, the amount of treatments and their value for money are, in the opinion of medical experts, the better to undergo a hair grafting that resolve baldness forever.


    How is an intervention

    The first thing, that is important to remember, is that each patient has a different problem to solve, due to different causes, so hair specialist will determine who is the best personalized solution to stop his baldness and proceed to the hair transplant using the best technique for him.

    Because, it is true, there are several hair transplant techniques that exist. However, not all of them are practiced in all centers, given that in the case of the most innovative and precise ones, constant training and practice are required and not all clinics are able to offer them. That is why it is so important to choose a good clinic to get a hair grafting.

    The most implanted technique in the world to solve baldness is the FUT or STRIP Method. A procedure that consists of removing the follicles in the form of a scalp strip, from which several samples of hair are subsequently extracted and reinserted into the recipient areas. This surgery may lasts over 7 hours, which requires local anesthesia and allows the grafting of up to 3000 hair follicles. It is important to note that this technique is increasingly used less after the appearance of others that allow greater follicle extraction, in less time and with less consequences for the patient.

    That is the case of the FUE Method (Follicular Unit Extraction). A technique in which the surgeon extracts the follicular units, one by one from the donor area – usually the area closest to what we know as “nape” – to graft them into the recipient area. A procedure that allows transplanting up to 5,000 hairs in sessions of up to 8 hours, which requires local anesthesia and does not leave scars. For that reason it is considered the most advanced technique.

    Worthy of special mention is the FUE micro-grafting. In this procedure the medical doctor uses smaller and more accurate dissectors that guarantee much more natural results, especially when using the FUE Sapphire micro-graft, where the levels of precision in the extraction and subsequent grafting allow real wonders, as long as they are carried out by an expert surgeon in this avant-garde technique.

    Once the surgeon and the patient have agreed on the best procedure to ensure that the results of the operation will be as natural as possible and, most importantly, for life, as guaranteed by the Capilclnic clinic, it is time to undergo a first medical examination, to subsequently perform a check-up to ensure that the patient is in good health to go into surgery with all the guarantees and, finally, to inform him when the surgery is scheduled  to perform hair transplant.

    From the first visit until the day of the intervention, it is essential that instructions, provided in the center, are followed. At least this is the case in the best hair grafting centers in London.These are guidelines that will continue once  hair graft operation is finished until, after twelve months, the patient can see in the mirror the image that he will show definitively and for life.

    It is important to underline that some centers carry out the entire hair transplant process, from the first medical examination to the postoperative period, in just 3 days thanks to the use of the latest techniques that have minimized the postoperative time. In fact, on the third day, when the medication is changed, the protective tape is removed and it has been reviewed that everything went well,  the patient can return to his daily routine and, of course, to his work activity.

    Final thoughts

    As you can see, getting hair back today is very simple, fast, painless and affordable for almost anyone. It is  therefore a question of choosing a specialized medical center and that has the means and professionals capable of carrying out all the types of hair transplant and offer the necessary care, attention and recommendations for the postoperative period, in addition to being fast, really effective and bearable.

    Given that the list of Madrid clinics specialized in hair transplantation is the most extensive, we recommend you to take a look at the different options mentioned and, after comparing all the parameters that we have outlined through this article, choose the best option for you.

    In the event that you are looking for a lifetime warranty and an unbeatable value for money, contact Capilclinic through the different forms of contact you will find on this website. The customer service team will listen to you and give you all the information you need to know everything about the world’s most famous hair transplant, procedures or prices.

    Health is our most precious asset, so refuse to do a hair grafting operation in centers of doubtful reputation, do not rely on non-registered or under-experienced professionals and opt for those options that offer maximum guarantees and that have extensive experience performing hair transplants  as is the case of Capilclinic, where thousands of hair micrografts are carried out per year with an immediate success rate that borders 100%.