FUE Sapphire Pack - 2190 €

Maximum amount of grafts

Include on your pack ?

  • Blood test
  • Private transport and all the transfers
  • 2 night in a 4* hotel with breakfast
  • FUE Sapphire hair transplant
  • First aids
  • PRP treatment
  • English translator

What is the FUE Sapphire technique?

The Sapphire is a mineral which the main color is blue and is considerate as one of the fourth most important  precious stone in the world, that’s why using this mineral in the surgical instruments is a great value.

A natural result:

The using of this blades and of precious and precise instruments, provide perfect incisions in the skin and allow to get a perfect angle to place the hair follicles. Thanks to this, it’s possible today to generate a natural result in hair transplant.

Painless hair transplant

the applying of this technique considerably reduces pain feelings in capillary tissus and scalp, and at the same time allow to implant grafts in a really small spaces without dammaging existing follicles.