Before hair transplantation

Before the hair transplantation in Turkey

Before the hair transplant intervention, the doctor will assess your medical record and your expectations.

If you suffer from any type of illness, you must communicate it before travelling so the doctor can determine if the operation is viable.

Please prepare the following information:

  • Start and duration of hair loss.
  • Any recent change in your hair loss.
  • Previous medical or surgical treatments for hair loss.
  • Clinical history and known allergies. List of medications, vitamins, herbal products you are taking.
  • Your expectations regarding the intervention.

During the initial examination the doctor will determine:

  • The form and the percentage of hair loss.
  • The thickness and shape of the hair (wavy, smooth or curly).
  • The type and pattern of hair loss.
  • The density of the donor area (back of the head and above the ears).

The doctor will plan your hair transplant on the basis of the initial examination.

Indications to follow before the hair transplantation

  • One week before the hair transplant intervention, please do not take any medication that could increase bleeding (such as aspirin or rheumatism pain pills).
  • Smokers, please do not smoke the day of the intervention.
  • The night before the intervention, you can wash your hair with a neutral shampoo or baby shampoo.
  • Please, do not cut your hair before the intervention