Capillary beard transplant , MicroFUE technique

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Beard transplantation is a constantly growing procedure as the standard of masculine beauty today is a man with a luxuriant beard.

Reasons why one would undergo the operation:

  • Beards with low density.
  • Hairless beard areas.
  • Hide scars.
  • To cover the lower lip.

What technique is used for hair transplantation?

To carry out the beard transplant, we use the MicroFUE technique, which consists of the individual extraction of follicles, helped by a small micro-motor. This technique is the most advanced and leaves no visible scars.

The estimate is between 350 and 750 grafts per side, depending on the area and the result you want to obtain. It works with densities between 20 and 40 follicles per square centimetre.

The operation lasts between 3 and 5 hours on average.

The latest advances in the sector make the beard transplant results totally natural and definitive.

Aspects to consider in order to have a successful transplant:

In contrast to what happens with the hair transplant, the grafts have to be 1 or 2 strands of hair at the most because in the beard, each hair grows isolated.

The diameter of the punch should be from 0.7mm to 0.8mm to minimise scars and it must be done in the correct orientation.

It must be done by a medical team with experience.

Why use the MicroFUE technique ?

Currently, this is the newest technique in hair grafting. It is a relatively new procedure that is highly valued by both doctors and patients.

This technique offers significant advantages for patients such as decreased postoperative pain and decreased recovery time.

Where else can a hair transplant be done?

Although currently the most demanded is the beard, you can also implant hair in the moustache or eyebrows.

The benefits of the MicroFUE method

  • It does not leave a scar.
  • Quick recovery.
  • Natural and lasting result.
  • It can be used for beard, moustache and eyebrows’ follicles.